Wedding Wednesday: Unplugging Your Wedding

most-memorable-wedding-photos-bride-groom-on-phone.originalWhile some brides and grooms are hash tagging their weddings and encouraging social media sharing of their big day, another new trend has been springing up lately in wedding world.  Unplugged Weddings.

Don’t like the idea of guests attached to their phones during your ceremony and reception?  Don’t want to see a line of cell phones blocking your professional photographer as you walk down the aisle.  Want guests to interact with each other and not with their devices?  An unplugged wedding may be just what you are looking for!

Some ideas for unplugging your wedding:

  • Add a note to your wedding website, ceremony programs, and reception menus asking guests to refrain from taking photos or video or using their phones all night, something like ” we want you to truly enjoy the ceremony and reception, so we ask that you please refrain from taking photos or video today and just have fun!”  or short and sweet “be nice, turn off your device!”
  • Get your officiant involved.  People will be paying attention and will listen
  • Be clear with what you want: do you want them to not take pictures, not be on social media, not make phone calls, or not be on their devices altogether.  Decide what you want, and ask for it.
  • Be a little bit more extreme and provide a phone check at the door (like a coat check)

Another reason you might opt for an unplugged wedding?  Many brides and grooms keep every detail of their dress, tux, hair, makeup, etc. a secret from their partner until the big reveal down the aisle.  You can imagine how easy that moment could be ruined by a bridesmaid or groomsmen uploading a picture that inadvertently gets seen by their partner browsing Facebook killing time before the ceremony.

What are your thoughts?  Do you think an unplugged wedding sounds like a refreshing idea or do you think being asked to give up your iPhone is rude?


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