Wedding Wednesday: Hashtagging Your Wedding

blog2-vicky1This wedding trend is quite the opposite of what we blogged about recently with having an “unplugged” wedding.  Hashtagging is fast becoming a popular way for brides and grooms to easily view and share photos from their big day.  While hashtagging was still relatively new a few years ago, today, hashtagging events and any and all social posts is very common place.

Planning for an hashtagged wedding is very simple.

  • Determine your wedding hashtag: You definitely want to research hashtags before selecting “yours”.  Maybe the hashtag you have your heart set on is already in use i.e. #SmithWedding.  Pretty sure in that case you’re going to have to share your hashtag space with a few other people named Smith getting married this month. Making your hashtag unique will help preventoverlap with other weddings.  However, you don’t want your hashtag to be too difficult either.  Selecting the hashtag #SmithJonesWeddingJune212014 is very long and increases the chances that guests will become annoyed with typing it and/or get it wrong.  Your hashtag should be unique yet simple and make sense.  Want to research hashtags just search them on the search feature in your Twitter or Instagram apps on your phone, or head to Twitter Search to see what’s already posted to your desired hashtag.
  • Communicate your hashtag to guests:  Having an official hashtag is of no use if you’re the only one who is using it.  If you want guests to post to the official hashtag, you need to share it!  Put it in your wedding website, ceremony programs, menu cards, framed on tables, or even on a separate card in your invitation!  Ask your officiant and DJ to share a reminder with the crowd.
  • Relax and watch the photos come in:  Almost everyone today has a smartphone to take pictures and share to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Watch as your friends and family provide you with candid shots from your big day.  There should be no shortage of pictures!

Many brides today are even opting to do away with professional photographers and crowdsource their weddings.  With all the filters and color options available today on smartphones, aren’t all our friends and family trying to be amateur photographers anyway?  Many of them will enjoy being “put to work” to show off their photos, all the while saving you big time on an expensive photograph package.

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