Wedding Wednesday: Top 5 Reasons to Have Your Wedding on 4th of July

While summer is typically prime wedding time throughout the Midwest and colder climates of the U.S., many couples tend to shy away one weekend that’s smack dab in the middle season.  4th of July.  It may because you instantly picture this:

953e346d3d2b476751fd7fb2f976fa588b0fab768bbaae35d960e0fd0c8fe3caBut the 4th of July is already such a family-oriented holiday, celebrating our country and togetherness.  With the holiday falling on a Friday this year, it really got us thinking about all the pros of celebrating your big day on Independence Day.

Built in Color Scheme/Theme: Red, White, and Blue can actually be a great color scheme and a step outside of traditional pastels.  If you’re indecisive, this could be the perfect step to help you make an easy decision.  It’s also a way to ensure your wedding is different and memorable from other summer weddings.  Scared by bright, bold blue and red?  Try pairing one or the other with silver or gold.  Or go old-school, rustic Americana with deep navy, crimson red, and add in burlap or lace accents.  Think home-made apple pie, fresh picked cherries, Uncle Sam, faded American flags, antiques, and family heirlooms.

a4503a5e697dffdf095b459eb9b074e0Perfect for a Service Couple:  A 4th of July wedding is perfect for couples where one of both have served our country.  Independence Day may have an extra special meaning to your and your family, and service persons dressed in uniform provide a true feeling of service, gratitude, and American pride.


Campaign Propaganda Turned Wedding Genius

99591d1f4fcb6c73c0761dbed7caf49fFamilies and Attendees Have Extra Time From the Holiday: While Memorial Day and Labor Day weekend weddings have become more and more common, 4th of July weddings have not.  Why?  It’s still a time when people use vacation days or have extra time off work, and why should they not use that time to travel for your wedding?  You wedding becomes a built-in vacation that they will remember for years to come.  Depending on what day 4th of July falls on, you may also be able to score big savings at wedding venues by not having your wedding on a Friday or Saturday night.  Here are the dates of 4th of July for the next few years:

  • 2015: Saturday
  • 2016: Monday
  • 2017: Tuesday
  • 2018: Wednesday

c725d97a645c242eb901274644cedf7dFireworks: Fireworks are the perfect wedding reception entertainment and they look amazing in pictures.  Don’t worry about having to spend lots of money and hire firemen to conduct your own fireworks display.  Find a venue with an outdoor viewing space, or an outdoor venue, close to where local fireworks will be going off.  Another added benefit: there’s always fireworks on your anniversary.

Sparklers: Sparklers may seem like the same thing as fireworks, but when it comes to weddings, sparklers can do so much more.  They make for gorgeous pictures and are a fun, interactive, and inexpensive favor for guests.  Sparklers can also replace the need for bubbles or birdseed during your big farewell send-off.


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