Wedding Wednesday: 7 Things to Include in Hotel Gift Bags

Greeting your out of town guests with welcome bags at the hotel is not a new trend, but many struggle with what else to include in their care packages besides the standard drinks and snacks. Here are some cute and creative ideas for gift bags that we’ve seen over the years:

1) Customize the Bag

5fffb8db640a5eb1db93f2e8e3af10d8Step away from the generic gift bags and make the bag itself a part of the swag. Personalized tote bags, baskets, and decorative boxes are all great options.  Many guests, especially bridesmaids, will appreciate have the extra bag to carry around wedding related items on the big day.

2) Schedule of Events

You’ve been planning and coordinating every minute of this weekend for months, but everyone else has already misplaced and forgotten every card, email, and text with times and locations.  Now they have a reminder, on-site, of everywhere they’re supposed to be and when. Trust us, you’ll be glad you included this.

3) Maps

This goes along with the schedule of events above, but many out of town guests will feel like a fish out of water.  Think country folk in the big city, or city dwellers in the country.  Maps with driving directions or public transportation tips can come in extremely handy for guests who are not familiar with your destination.  Again, you’ll be happy you included this when you don’t have to field phone calls from Grandma Alice with questions on how to use the subway.

4) Alcohol

Get the party started!  Guests often like to enjoy a pre-cocktail party cocktail in their rooms, especially if you’ve got a long stretch of time between your ceremony and cocktail hour.  Make sure the first round is on you!

5) Hangover Kits

If you threw a good party, chances are many guests will be feeling it in the morning.  Help them out with a hangover kit.  We’ve seen these include water, aspirin, energy drinks, eye drops, gum, crackers, Pepito-Bismal, and sleep masks.

6571857e6682d4b0f4ceb8d113e4fa526) Do Not Disturb Signs

Create personalized door tags for guests to hang on their doors so housekeeping doesn’t come around too early.  This pairs great with the hangover kit, and our staff really does appreciate them!  We don’t like disturbing you either.

7) Weatherproof Essentials

Being in Chicago, we have to be prepared for all kinds of weather, but depending on your location, sunglasses, sunscreen, chap stick, scarves, hot tea, umbrellas or other weather related items could be great items to include that your guests may have forgotten to bring with them from out of town.


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