Italian Beef Sandwich

3 Great Spots for Italian Beef Sandwiches

When you think of the most well known, iconic Chicago foods, what comes to mind first? Most people think of our delicious Chicago-style hot dogs or legendary deep-dish pizza, but have you tried an original Chicago Italian Beef Sandwich? If not, you should make it a stop on your next visit to the Windy City!

Similar to our deep-dish pizza, there are a few different variations and styles to be hand in Chicago. Here are a few of our favorite sandwich shops:

Al’s Italian Beef

Al’s Italian Beef began back in 1983 when Al Ferrari, Frances Pacelli and Chris Pacelli Sr. began crafting these delicious sandwiches in Al’s home kitchen. Their sandwich business started in a small shop on Taylor Street in Little Italy and is now a well-known franchise with locations throughout the Chicago land area.

Stop by Al’s Italian Beef and try a dipped beef sandwich with homemade giardiniera!


Next up is Portillo’s – another Chicago staple. Portillo’s actually began in a local suburb as a hot dog stand in 1963. It slowly grew and so did demand as they continued to open new locations and introduce more homemade recipes. In 1994 the first Chicago location opened on the corner of Clark and Ontario. Not only can you try an Italian Beef Sandwich, but you can also grab a Chicago-style hot dog!

Don’t leave without trying a slice of their famous chocolate cake!

Luke’s Italian Beef

Last but not least, check out Luke’s Italian Beef, located in the Loop. Luke’s is very popular with visitors and offers a great beef sandwich. Located only a couple blocks from Willis Tower, it’s the perfect place to stop while you’re out site seeing!


No matter how you order it, dipped, dry, hot or sweet, our Italian Beef Sandwiches won’t disappoint!

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